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Suceeding In E-commerce

Suceeding In E-commerce

By Judi Singleton

What makes a business sucessful? The ingrediants are the same whether you are online or in a bricks and mortar store.

Have passion for what you do. You can always tell the best sites they come from the heart. When you are passionate about what you do at the end of the day it turns a browser into a buyer.

Customer Confindence is the one important ingrediant you don't want to skimp on. Have your website look professional. Having a privacy policy right up front spelling out how you are going to use their information. Have your contact information easily available, more than an email address, put a postal address, a phone number, be sure there is a way for the customer to talk to you easily. Are you going to ship their goods, how long does that usually take for them to receive their order. Do you stand behind your product? Testimonials help, put up all the unsolicated testimonials you have. Being listed with bizrate.com, having independent customer rating sysytems help inspire confidence. Make it easy and safe for your customer to click on the buy now button and feel safe doing that.

Having a unique product helps. Whether it is a handmade item or a item that you just don't see others handling it is important if you are going to compete on the web to have your product stand out. Pick something you are very knowledgable about and really like using. Tell your customer how this product is going to make their life easier.

Think about whether your product is really a great product for the internet. For example writers can offer chapters of their book online or articles from their newsletter. Small record producers can offer a sample of their music. Just be sure it is easy to deliver to your customer and it is really a product for the web.


About the author

Judi Singleton is the webmistress of http://www.Jassmine.com and http://www.gotojassminesitenow.com

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