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Frequently asked questions regarding products and sevices by Country Willow Graphics

Presented below are some frequently asked questions, that we have collected here on one page in case you might have the same question :)

Question ::
Can I use your graphics to make any thing I want ?
Answer ::

No, you may not. Uses for my graphics are outlined in my "Terms of Use" or "TOS" . When using my graphics, you are legally bound to the terms of use. Please have courtesy and respect the rules that I have concerning my work. It's only fair. You would not appreciate it if I used something that you made, and then I told everyone I made it. I give my customers the utmost respect, service, and I please ask you to do the same for me. You know those stories about people who have holiday decorations stolen from their yards on Christmas ?? That is what it feels like. The off-line world is gone mad half the time, so let's try to keep the net as sane and decent as possible : )

Question ::
I really like your graphics, do you also design custom graphics ??

Answer ::
I do not at this time. If and when a good block of time opens up for me to work on custom graphics (which I love doing by the way ! ) I will announce it on the Custom Graphics page.

Question ::
Do you also design web sites ??

Answer ::
Well, I love to put pages together, unfortunately, I also have limited time, so web design projects are strictly on a "possibly" basis. Just email me with a CLEAR description of your needs, and I will be more than happy to let you know if I can take on a project that I can manage into my time. Please be specific as possible, as this is how I judge whether a project can be done, and give you a price estimate. I can't tell you how many people ask me for a custom quote, I give it to them based on what they request......then they change their mind or pile on a million other things they want, and then they are angry or upset when that quote climbs in cost, so please be sure to think it through first please, makes it SO much easier. I regret that I have to do things this way, but hopefully in the future I may have more time.

Question ::
What else can I do to have a web site designed ??

Answer ::
We will be offering web site templates here very soon, which will really only be helpful to those of you who know some HTML, but if you are willing to learn, they may just be the thing for you !! Check back soon !!

Please see our customer service page for more information. Thank you !

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