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Recently, I have gone back to work full time. Due to time management, I have made a few changes with how orders will be handled :

First, orders have always been filled in the order they are recieved, so that will not change.

Second, orders will be filled by midnight on the same day they are recieved.

Third, if your order is recieved over a weekend, meaning on Saturday or Sunday, your order will be fulfilled by midnight on Monday.

And finally, the quality of customer service, and appreciation to our customers will always be top priority. Although we may have a little less time to get new graphics up and available to you on our web site, we will still be committed to serving your needs as our customers with the absolute best service possible.

Thanks for reading these new guidelines, and have a great day!


Lori Schoen
Country Willow Graphics

Secure online payments

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All important ordering changes will be announced here at the top:

** NOTICE :: Now offering Paypal Invoice option **

You can choose to have a Paypal Invoice sent to your Paypal address when ordering for our customers convenience! Just add your Paypal email address in the cart, and we will send you a Paypal Invoice when your order is completed!

** NOTICE :: Graphic Order Delivery **

We now are offering the ability for our customers to recieve their graphics by direct download. We normally send our graphics to customers via zip files as attachments in email. Due to increased difficulty for the customer to recieve them because of spam blocking by IP's (internet providers such as AOL and Road Runner) , attachment blocking by email clients, and many other antivirus filters being applied to keep email safe, we have decided to offer a direct download link to our customers.

Here is how it works :

The order for your graphics is been recieved, payment is made, and your customizations if any, are added, we can then send you a special link where you may download them to your computer desktop for a period of 24 hours and then the link is removed from the web. You will need to add your graphics to either a floppy or hard disk for safe keeping.

Or you may choose to have the graphics sent to you through the email as mentioned above.

If choosing the email delivery, please remember to disable any filters that would prevent zip files from arriving to your inbox. Thanks!

** NOTICE :: Terms Of Use **

If you are a first time customer, please print our Terms Of Use (TOS) for information on copyrighted graphics use, or if you are a returning customer, or web designer, please print them, so you can keep updated on any changes. Any changes will be listed near the top in bold text. Thanks!

Ordering Information :: Payment Methods :: Policies

Paypal ( account no longer required )
Use your Paypal account

Pro Pay
ProPay ( no account needed )
When using Propay, there is no need to log into an account to send payment. Simply choose credit card payment in the shopping cart. We process the order for you, and send you confirmation of payment. Super Easy and secure!

Order processing times
1-2 business days
Mon-Fri for zip file
graphic orders
5 business days
for graphic CD orders
We do not give refunds on graphic orders.
Web Designers
CD collection coming soon!
Make checks or money orders out to:

Lori Schoen ~ Country Willow Graphics
1732 Quincy ave.
Racine, Wisconsin

Payments Accepted
Contact Country Willow Graphics

:: Types of payment accepted ::

Major credit cards accepted

Money Order/Personal check

Orders paid by money order or personal check will be
e-mailed via zip file (graphics)
and the 1-2 day order time will not apply!
I will let you know the status of your order via email, or phone when using these two types of payment.
There is a $30.00 fee for all returned checks

:: Shipping Policy ::
FREE shipping on all CD orders within the USA
International orders
add additional $10.00 for CD orders
International orders taken from valid accounts only. We reserve the right to refuse certain sales to overseas accounts.

:: Wisconsin Residents ::
must add 5.5 % sales tax to their orders

If you have any problems with ordering online using our shopping cart, please email me and I will work to resolve any issues you may have.

We only ask for the information we need to ship your items, and to keep payment secure for our growing number of regular customers. Filling in all information in the cart will expedite the order process and allow us to get your graphics to you in a timely manner.

There are two ways to order products from Country Willow Graphics.You can order through our secure shopping cart with ease and security. Or, you can print our order form and mail your order via the postal service. We do have a printable order form for those who are more comfortable with mail order. Simply fill in your information and print 2 copies. Keep a copy for your records, and mail other form to us.

We send your CD order insured priority mail or UPS and guarantee shipment arrives undamaged. If items ( CD )are damaged during shipping the item will be replaced. You must provide sufficient information about how the item is damaged, AND you must provide original address package was shipped to.

We have gone to great lengths to assure that your payment transaction is secure and private, so you can feel confident that all your personal information is and will always be just that...private! After placing your order you will be sent an email with all important order information. If this email contains a commercial registration number, please write it down or print the email reciept and keep itin a safe place

Please save this payment confirmation email for future reference and as copy of your payment reciept. We are available via email virtually 24 hours a day, so contact us with questions before ordering. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

We look forward to serving your needs for your web site, craft products and scrapbooking hobby ! Our online ordering has been designed to be simple and secure. Please enjoy browsing our web site !

Your Order with Country Willow Graphics means you are agreeing to the :: Terms of Use :: put forth by the owner/ operator of this web site, and copyright laws apply to every single graphic either shown on this site and domain, contained on a CD disk, and contained in zip files you either purchase or download.
It is suggested and encouraged that you print this policy sheet and terms of use if you plan to use our graphics, as we do have the right to change our terms at any time.

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All images, graphics, articles, and site design are COPYRIGHTED and are the property of Country Willow Graphics.
Your downloading or purchase of my art work and images is a legal agreement to the terms of use described on this website.